Benjamin Ward



1. Connect: We start each session by connecting to each other and our safe and courageous space.


2. Clarify: We then explore what you want coaching on, boiling it down to one or two words.


3. Explore: We will explore the topic using different coaching tools to get to the essence of what wants to happen and what is getting in the way.


4. Sense: We will slow down so we can sense what wants changing.


5 Choice: After looking at different perspectives you will choose how you want to move forward whether it be a joyful action or something to inquire.


6. Harvest: We will finish the session by reflecting on your biggest learnings from the session.  


7. Action: We will agree on what you want me to hold you accountable for and the structures needed to be put in place to support your growth. We will also make our next appointment.


The real work happens between the sessions where you practice new habits and dig deeper into new thoughts. I will share resources and be available to reply to your messages.

Coaching is an investment in both YOU and YOUR life. To create lasting change we will design a programme that suits your needs. I recommend a minimum period of 4 to 6 months, with two sessions per month. Either in person (Copenhagen), over the phone or Skype

The cost of coaching:

2,000 Dkr plus 25% VAT per 1- hour session 

This includes support and resources between sessions.

My fees and your investment
The Coaching Session
If we decide to go on a Coaching Journey together the session will usually look like this:
The results & benefits of working with me

- A safe, loving and courageous space to explore

- (Re)connection to self and life purpose

- Illuminating and reframing self-limiting beliefs

- Endless curiosity to experiment and play

- Boosted self esteem to unfold your unique potential

- Being the Change you want to see in the world

- Jumping into Joyful Action

- Tools and practices to consciously design your BEST life

- An integrate approach to life

For Organisations

I offer coaching services for large, medium and small businesses, whether established or start-up. Please contact me for a consultation to discuss your needs.