Benjamin Ward



I design, deliver and train processes that are tailor made to meet the needs of all the people involved.
I facilitate spaces from 1 to 1000 people and from 40 minutes to multiple days.

Specialising in evoking powerful self-leadership the following themes can be the focus of experiential workshops and retreats:



-Co-Active Leadership: 5 Ways to lead

-Giving and Receiving Feedback

-Team Development

-Bridging the WHY with the WHAT and HOW.

-Working more mindfully in the digital age


Arrange a consultation to explore what you, your team and your organisation need. I want to serve your transformation!

I love to work anywhere - in office spaces, classrooms, theatres, nature and online.

"After numerous workshops with Ben I'm always impressed with how he finds a format that is suitable for the occasion and is able to create an atmosphere of collective sharing, learning and growing."


"Ben is fantastic at setting up and facilitating a space that is inclusive, forgiving and opens people up."


Andreas Hammar, Øredev Conference Manager, Malmö

"Workshops with Ben are always really eye opening and honest. It fosters a certain level of communication within an already extremely communicative class."

"Ben can break down pretty complexed ideas and package them so I can start using them straight away."


Feedback from students at Hyper Island, Karlskrona

"How to put 1000 people who do not know each other in a place they have never been before and make them feel like they are at home with friends having a good time? It is what Ben does when he facilitates our conference, bringing his energy and love, opening up everybody’s heart and mind.  

One attendee said: “it feels like everybody can be friends with Ben” and that may be a part of the secret formula to Ben’s magic."


Emily Holweck, Creative Marketing and Conference Manager, Öredev AB, Malmö

“Thank you very much for a mind blowing team coaching through the power of uncertainty!’"

Jörg Teichgraeber, Program Manager Hyper Island, Karlskrona


“Benjamin is such an inspirational person, that brings out the true energy and creativity in you. He makes you seize your own potential and dares you to dream big.


The days my new class at Hyper Island had with Benjamin as a facilitator was a great start. A start everyone should have and hope for. It made us come closer like never before, even though we hardly knew each other. Ben helped us to create a safe space where we could learn how to trust each other, learn how to share freely and also learn how to trust our creativity. Imagine all this was started via a video link."

Fredrik Holmgren, Hyper Island student, Karlskrona

"I really loved the workshops facilitated by Ben. We often started as a group of uninspired individuals and ended up as an energised and unified team full of ideas and with an actual action plan.


Like for a great sauce, it is not about a mixture of good ingredients, but more about the process and the right person whipping it to make it thicken."


Emily Holweck, Creative Marketing and Conference Manager, Öredev AB, Malmö