Benjamin Ward




"Ben is a powerful coach. He’s the co-pilot that supports and acknowledges you on your life journey. He holds up a mirror that helps you bring out your creative and resourceful self. His coaching helped me gain new perspectives and insights that supported my personal goals. Buy a ticket for this ride – you won’t regret it!"


Glenn St Onge, Head of HR, (AFCC) Automotive Fuel Cell Cooperation Corp, Vancouver

"Ben is an amazing mirror - both honest and truly supportive. Thank you."

Aninia S, Embodied Coaching, Training, Facilitation, Copenhagen

"Ben has a gift in the way he is able to see people and that can’t be learned. And in addition he has tools, education etc. which makes him a World Class coach."


Alexandra C, Personal Effectiveness and Entrepreneurship, Copenhagen

 "I came to Ben when I was desperate and directionless. He created a safe, authentic and non judgemental environment in which we discussed my issues and concerns. He was like an incredibly skilled 'best friend', never losing faith in me.... His support, advice, infectious enthusiasm, unwavering optimism and boundless generosity helped me find my light in the darkness. I'm forever grateful."

Marc Pasternack, creative maverick, London

"Ben has an incredible ability to mine the mountain that is you. I went through a journey not only of self-improvement, but of self-discovery. Ben's powerful and compassionate coaching style inspired me to challenge the status quo, dream big and has helped me steer my life in the direction of happiness, success and

appreciation. I am sincerely grateful for the opportunity to have worked with Ben." 


Peter S, Consultant, London

"Ben has a unique ability as a coach. He is pointing and lifting, and has given me tools and insights that I use everyday. He has challenged me in periods where I have needed it, and he is present and curious combined with an equal amount of warmth and competence. I would highly recommend him as a coach and facilitator."


Ida Holten Worsøe Actor/singer/coach, Oslo

“From the first moment you meet Ben, you instantly feel like you can begin to uncover and dissect what is really troubling in your life. His unique and honest ability to convince you to be the leader of your own change, is such a fantastic quality. Bringing out the best in people, with laughs, happiness, and constructive thinking, is Ben’s trademark. I would highly recommend Ben as a coach in any situation and for anyone needing coaching in their life.”


Philip Smedegaard, Masters student in Sociology, London

"Working with Ben has been a life changing experience. It has allowed me to (re)connect with myself and my purpose in life. With Ben I have celebrated life and I have looked my deepest fears in the eyes. Ben is a powerful, passionate and inspiring coach and human being who speaks from his heart. I am, literally, grateful beyond words."


Vibeke Ræbild Christiansen Underviser i dansk som andetsprog, Copenhagen

"Ben will take you to what matters in your life. He has an outstanding way of getting You connected to your purpose. Because You are here on this planet on purpose and for a purpose. Ben will see every spark of potential in you and show you the capacity you are born with. He will cheer for you, he will celebrate you and he will make sure you learn from both falling and flying. And you will fly!"

Ruth K, Coach & Leadership Consultant, Copenhagen

"Ben has a lovely presence and energy that makes me feel comfortable and acknowledged. His whole essence is vibrant of love and compassion for me and my needs. He as helped me to connect to my true self, my passion and boosted my self-esteem to embrace my potential. Always a pleasure to be accompanied by Ben on my journey towards love, happiness and health"

Sandro Miletti, Program Manager, Hyper Island

"Benjamin is an extraordinary coach and his persona shines like the brightest of stars. He has charisma and authenticity, as few and one simply feels safe and comfortable in his presence. Our coaching sessions have truly transformed the way I think and put me on a path of joyful actions. I leave our sessions excited and confident that my dreams will come true because I will fulfil them.


Benjamin has helped me believe in my own performance which has made me excel in ways I did not think was possible in my new challenging work role. Benjamin has facilitated a growth journey where I find myself being the change I want to see and bravely stand up for what I believe in. Wish I could hang with Benjamin all day, every day, as nothing is impossible in his world." 

Lena Johansson, Business Area Manager Telia Finance

"Ben Ward ran an eye-opening workshop that revealed multiple layers of group- and self-leadership using the simple and honest Co-Active Leadership model. He is an impressively present-minded coach and dynamic facilitator. He worked specifically with what we shared, making it feel remarkably personal and actually co-created by us. I felt like I was repeatedly waking up to new insights and making connections the whole time."

Dano Marr, Program Manager, Hyper Island