Benjamin Ward



Are you longing to be yourself more in the world?

Are your current mindsets and behaviours holding you back?


Are your actions aligned with your beliefs and values? 

I believe by unfolding our unique potential we can joyfully act towards the life we dream of personally and professionally.


By balancing relationship with self, others and contribution to the world we can unlock our leadership potential.​

Walking the path of transformation

Are you ready to go on a journey together?

We start by having a conversation to see if we want to work together. Here we start the exploration of what you want coaching on and experience how coaching feels together. If we choose to work together we will design a programme that fits your needs.

Your journey with me

1. Discovery: During this initial session we will co-create your safe and courageous space, dig into areas you want coaching on and clarify your goals for our time together.

2. Coaching: This is where the magic happens. We will go deep into what you really want and what is getting in the way. To help unfold your potential the session follows this structure, however we will dance with what shows up by leaning into the Co-Active Coaching Model and other powerful coaching tools. We will always end the session with some joyful action to move you forward in your journey. It will not always be easy but I am willing to walk with you wherever you need to go.

3. Completion: It is so important to end well so we will have a session to complete together. It will be a time of reflection, celebration and pointing so that you are ready to move forward by yourself.


Join me on my journey of showing up and sharing: